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AGE 11-14

Our students are encouraged to enjoy their learning, challenging themselves to dig deeper & explore multiple perspectives.

As student learning grows in complexity, opportunities to hone the skills of enquiry are further heightened in a motivating and authentic Secondary learning journey. Our curriculum uncovers and encourages links that transcend traditional subject boundaries to inspire next steps and critical thinking.

With an embedded use of technology and an individual laptop programme, students are taught the skills needed for academic success early on. Our emphasis is on real-world and motivating contexts for student learning and purposeful models of assessment through projects and collaboration.



We grow enquiring minds with teaching methods & a real-world curriculum to stimulate independent thinkers.

Our students are encouraged to think for themselves and develop their own lines of enquiry and academic argument. Discussion actively engages minds and spurs on inquisitive thinkers. It also means our students are extremely well prepared for success in examinations and life beyond school.  


Students are pulled, not pushed, towards learning. This creates an environment in which they want to achieve their best because of an innate love of learning, not the looming threat of grades. Cosmo students achieve excellent results culminating in the national egzamin ósmoklasisty at the end of Year 9, and onwards to High School study at the IGCSE and A-Level.  


We urge students to follow their natural curiosity. They have a huge range of chances to engage with subjects that interest them, both in and outside the classroom through incredible project-based outcomes across the curriculum that provide a real-world context to demonstrate knowledge & understanding.  

As students progress, they're helped to organise their own time and we guide them in developing their own sense of discipline and academic motivation. Students meet daily with their tutors in their tutor groups, and have frequent opportunities for 1:1 counselling with senior staff and our school counsellor. By providing structure and support, we encourage independence and responsibility to grow.



Our Secondary curriculum allows students to learn at an advanced level in authentic ways.

The Secondary curriculum is delivered by our specialist teaching team who are experts in their fields. We believe in forming connections so you will find common themes of enquiry running through the curriculum that inspire next steps.


All students from Years 7-9 follow a rich and varied weekly timetable, including English as a native-language literature-based course, MathematicsScience (combining Physics, Biology & Chemistry), Humanities (History, Geography & Civics), Art, Music, Physical Education, a programme of study in Polish and a World Language option.

World Languages:




Polish Language:

Język polski (native)


Student results are excellent & our progressive assessment model encourages, rather than punishes.

We believe an emphasis on grades is a hindrance to authentic learning that limits rather than encourages. Instead, we use a three-fold system of assessment to inform student progress.

Weighted assessment data is drawn from Knowledge & Understanding, Skills & Enquiry; and Effort & Attitude, with a transparent process of assessment using a rubric-based system of feedback.

Students and their families receive constant and near daily feedback in the form of "Stars and steps" on our digital learning portfolios through which work is submitted and celebrated.

Dialogue around learning is a central pillar of our approach to assessment in which students feel trusted and empowered to achieve their best.

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