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There's an incredible sense of pride in belonging to such a unique school that is revolutionising learning.

We provide the best education possible as we prepare our students for happiness and success in a rapidly changing, and inter-connected world. There's something magical as you walk around our school and see the passion that emanates from our teachers and the natural curiosity that beams upon our students' faces. At our school, every student is an individual, and we pride ourselves in the warmth of a community in which every child feels valued and this is evident in the thousands of small interactions that happen here every day.

Our students are curious learners with ambitious goals, and their education is filled with opportunities to learn beyond traditional subject boundaries and outside the four walls of a classroom in authentic ways that ignite the imagination. We have pioneered the first truly integrated curriculum that seamlessly combines the Polish and British systems under exciting enquiry themes, resulting in a rigorous, challenging and exciting learning journey from age 3-18.  


There's no denying that our school has redefined the quality of international education available in Wrocław, and we are proud of our unique approaches to learning which draw upon research, ideas, experience and expertise from the best international schools around the world.


This truly is a school like no other. We look forward to welcoming your family to Wrocław Cosmopolitan School. 

With best wishes,

Graham Lewis Cert. TESOL, PGCE, PG Dip, MA


Our Leadership

Our school is led by three talented and vastly experienced teachers, combining experience from the UK, Poland, China and Hong Kong. Our Senior Leadership Team's relentless focus on ensuring what's best for students results in a dynamic school environment that will always put learning first.


Mr Lewis (Headmaster), Ms Mrozowska (Dyrektor) and Mr Colbourne (Deputy Headmaster) each lead a portfolio of school development areas and have a very visible and hands-on presence in all areas of school life, fostering community bonds with students, teachers and parents.

Cosm Differnce

Our Teachers

We have an exceptionally talented teaching team who bring experiences and expertise from some of the world's leading schools. Our teachers' passion for education permeates every aspect of school life and results in remarkable experiences and an outstanding level of teaching that students will remember for a lifetime. ​  


A supportive collegial environment and generous investment in continuous professional development ensures our team will always remain at the forefront of education and leaders in international schooling.


Our Students

Cosmo students are curious and ambitious learners who achieve impressive results both inside and outside the classroom. We nurture each and every student's full potential, and our students are encouraged to pursue their own interests, both within learning and in our incredible line up of over 36 different after-school clubs.

The connections our learners form across subject boundaries and the depth and understanding they reach through an enquiry-based curriculum is a living embodiment of our school's values of being intellectual, international, inclusive,  innovative, inspired and inquisitive.


A vast array of after-school activities allow students to pursue passions & interests.

A rich programme of sports, technology, sustainability, languages, art and music are available for all Cosmo students after school. This currently includes over 36 different activities. Our after-school programme is extremely popular and encourages students and teachers to grow and share their passions alongside one another. 


Our aim is to maintain an environment where each student is able to succeed in every aspect of their education as well as to flourish and thrive as an individual.

We have a supportive and caring environment for students, enabling them to build self-worth, resilience and a sense of community. Questioning, divergent thinking and the guided freedom to learn from mistakes are all encouraged.


Every student is valued as an individual and encouraged to be themselves. We promote mental and physical health and emotional wellbeing through a whole-school wellbeing continuum, individual contact with a form tutor and a curriculum that celebrates collaboration alongside individual interests and ambitions. Above all, our teachers' care and our students' mutual support results in a very special family atmosphere. 

Stuent Life


Running right through our curriculum are

six values that frame the qualities needed for success & happiness in the modern world, defining the traits of a Cosmo student.

We nurture the natural enquirers, collaborators and innovators of every child, recognising that the global era needs future leaders who will promote mutual understanding, stewardship of the planet and champion a better world for all.  


We want our students to be intellectual: respecting diverse viewpoints and approaching their learning with a critical and engaged mind-set. School is merely the start of an exciting lifelong learning journey.  


Our commitment to building a cosmopolitan learning community means our students are truly international: adept in multiple languages, multicultural and interested global issues, with the confidence to lead positive change.  


We encourage students to be inquisitive: to find out, hypothesise, experiment and demonstrate their understanding using a range of sources. We learn how to question, answer and convince.  


Our students are inspired learners, exploring the world and the immediate community; embracing the arts, and enjoying the richness and variety of culture, leaving school as articulate, worldly individuals.  


We are an innovative school. Our teachers and students use technology in new and exciting ways, with an integrated approach to developing tech fluency across the curriculum, including a 1:1 Chromebook programme.  


Our school is inclusive and embraces diversity, recognising the role we all play in making the world a fairer place for our common humanity and equipping students with the desire and knowledge to make it better.

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