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An exciting next step in your child's education with an unparalleled level of quality, expertise & care.

The process of finding a new school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent makes, and we are here to support families with their children's transition. Whether you are joining us from another school in Wrocław, or relocating to Poland from afar, a very warm welcome awaits your family at Wrocław Cosmopolitan School. 

Prospective families are invited to visit us on one of our regularly scheduled tours so you can experience our unique school first hand. We aim to make the admissions process as smooth as possible and the team are here to support with any queries, both from parents and our future students.



From the outset, we have redefined the level of international education available in Wrocław & proudly lead innovation in the sector.

Our school was founded in response to calls from families, businesses and local government who were looking for a school that reflected the highest ambitions they hold for their child’s, and their city’s future.


International parents who had previously lived in expatriate hubs such as Switzerland, Singapore and the UAE saw first-hand the exciting pace of change happening in education and the significantly higher quality of education available in these places.


We spent over a year carefully analysing both the problems and the opportunities of the previous private schools experience in Wrocław. By assembling a world-class team of expertise drawn from across the globe, we’re proud to present a radically different school experience which is unique in Wrocław and the wider region.


Wrocław Cosmopolitan School is a very special place for children to learn and grow. All children who would benefit from, and be able to contribute to our unique curriculum and learning community are welcome to apply for admission.


We have made the tuition fee structure as simple as possible for families, with a single all-inclusive payment structure that includes all learning materials, resources and school meals. School fees are set as annual amounts which can be paid monthly in 12 equal instalments, or as a single payment which is discounted by 8%.

3 000 PLN

3 800 PLN

per month

4 200 PLN

per month

Enrolment Fee

One time fee per child


Age 3-5


Age 5-18

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