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As our world changes to become an increasingly interconnected global society, so too must education change. The global era requires entrepreneurs, innovators, critical thinkers and culturally adept collaborators. All around the world, schools are realising that the education of the past is not fit for the future. Wrocław Cosmopolitan School is pioneering this change and bringing the revolution in international education to Wrocław.

Our curriculum is designed for the future and our approach to learning is centred on the necessary attributes for life in a modern, international world. With a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and English as the language of learning, we prepare students to flourish as leaders of change and pioneers of innovation.


We are a truly international school & embed our 6 cosmopolitan values in everything we do.


Our students are pioneers of leading technology & use digital tools in all areas of learning.

Our students enter the world with a sustainable outlook & a respect for cultural diversity.


A unique curriculum for a challenging & exciting learning journey linked to the real world.

Headmaster's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to explore everything Wrocław Cosmopolitan School can offer your child’s education. We are proud to be delivering an education that equips students for life in a highly-connected and rapidly changing world. By prioritising collaboration, innovation and cultural understanding; we’re nurturing the inner enquirers and entrepreneurs of every child. Choosing a school for your son or daughter is one of the most important decisions for any parent, and I hope that our contemporary approach to learning gives clarity to the process.


Our curriculum is truly unique; infusing the pace and rigour of the English National Curriculum, with the statutory requirements of the Polish Ministry of Education and drawing inspiration from global trends and research in education from around the world. Learning at Wrocław Cosmopolitan School takes an integrated approach and isn’t confined by traditional subject divisions, allowing students to pursue passions and seek answers to questions under exciting themes of study that ignite curiosity. Leading international schools around the world are realising that in order to prepare students to flourish in the future, educational practices of the past need to be reformed. We’re proud to be leading this change in Poland.

I am incredibly proud of everything this school stands for and all it will achieve. Since being appointed Headmaster, I’ve been moved by the very clear desire amongst parents in Wrocław for a school that embodies their ambitions for their children’s futures and strives to achieve more than education within the four walls of a classroom ever could. Aside from our rigorous and exciting curriculum, we place equal priority on wellbeing and the skills of enquiry and innovation. Our approach is evident in the school environment, and our campus reflects the values and methodology inherent in our mission.

Please do feel free to contact us with any queries. I look forward to meeting you at one of our Parent Information Events scheduled through the year, details of which can be found on the News page of this website, and welcoming your children to Wrocław Cosmopolitan School.



Kind regards,


Graham Lewis Cert. TESOL, PGCE, PG Dip, MA


A school that connects learning across subjects.

Wrocław Cosmopolitan School has developed a contextualised curriculum that forms meaningful links between subject areas, rather than having traditional divisions in students’ days. Enquiry and investigation will thus form the basis of teaching & learning at the school within a motivating and exciting context for each unit of study. In Secondary, students will sit UK IGCSE and A-Level examinations at age 16 and 18.


A school that embraces technology & innovation.

We recognise the rapid pace the world is changing and will equip students with the skills of leadership and expertise in diverse forms of technology. Our unrivalled commitment to technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) learning will permeate every area of the curriculum, and students will be introduced to programming, media, robotics and computing from the earliest years of the school’s enrolment.


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